Now happening in WUJIN

FIAC has signed a development contract the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Green Building Industry Cluster Demonstration Zone for creating a business concept and design solution for the new Commercial Center.

The agreement consists of several city blocks located in the Wujin District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu province. The presented solution for the New Nordic LifeStyle City has been recognized as the flagship project for the area by local MoHURD , the administrative Committee. The Central Government has initiated the Wujin GBDZ in 2012, it is the only official Ministry backed Demo Zone in the whole of China. The cooperation with the Ministry has made this pilot project possible to test modern precast element construction and advanced Greentech solutions.

FIAC’s developments first phase, called the TianXi Gang (the port of heavenly fortune), will be promoted as the number one City area development in the Nation. The objective is to create a comprehensive living, working and leisure environment, presenting energy-saving building solutions based design expertise use of local materials, local production, and engineering know how.

Watch the TianXi Gang Development video.